Welcome to Aunt Sally's Pet Sitting

~EST 2009~


Serving Port St. Lucie & surrounding areas

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Licensed (128792) & Insured through Pet Sitter Associates

Cash, Checks, Paypal and credit cards accepted through Paypal

 Owned and operated by a local resident of 25 years.



What is a pet sitter and what do they do?


Aunt Sally's Pet Sitting offers care for your animals in YOUR home while you work, take a weekend or go on a vacation.  There is no need to bother a neighbor, no need to ask family members,  no need to fuss with dropping off or picking up from a kennel !


Why use pet sitter?


+ Your pet/s get to stay at home, in THEIR familiar environment.
+ They receive love and attention from the same person while you are away.
+ Detailed daily notes are left for you on every visit. You'll know exactly what the kiddos were up to while you were away and how they were feeling.
+ Your home has activity while you are not able to be there.
+ Light duty items are included, much like getting a house sitter for free! 


Light Duty items include but are not limited to:

1. Check your home thoroughly each time we visit.  ( Doors, windows, etc.)
 2. Take out the garbage & recycling receptacles at requested times.
 3. Adjust your lights and window treatments daily.
 4. Fetch your newspaper & check your mail each day.
 5. Water indoor plants. 





"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans". ~James Herriot