Thank You for your interest in Aunt Sally's Pet Sitting. As of 7/24/2014, I have very limited schedule openings.

Serving Port St. Lucie & surrounding area.

Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Licensed & Insured

(772) 418-5994
Cash, Check and Paypal accepted. (Credit cards can be used through paypal) 

Do you have a family emergency and just need some temporary help?

Has your health prohibited you from providing the exercise your dog needs?

Are you a family member or friend, looking for assistance for a family member or friend's pet?

Do you want to go on VACATION and not have to worry?

Has the boss offered you overtime?

Do you just need a day out?

We offer:

Daily Dog Walks ( 1-3 x'sper day)


Daily Cat Visits 



Hamsters, Gerbils and some Exotic pets

If you have an exotic animal in need of our services please contact me via e-mail or telephone to ascertain if we can sufficiently take care of your unique animal's needs to ensure their happiness and overall well-being.


The benefits of hiring us to care for your animal loved ones:
+ There is no per pet fees !
+ Your pet/s get to stay at home, in their familiar environment.
+ They receive love and attention from the same person while you are away.
+ Detailed daily notes are left for you on every visit, so you know exactly what the kiddos were up to while you were away, and how they were feeling.
+ Your home has activity while you are not able to be there.
+ Light duty items are included, much like getting a house sitter for free!


The following services are included with each pet visit to give you a sense of well being and an added peace of mind:

1. Check your home thoroughly each time we visit.  ( Doors, windows, etc.)
2. Take out the garbage & recycling receptacles at requested times.
3. Adjust your lights and window treatments daily.
4. Check your mail each day.
5. Water indoor plants.

( Any other tasks can be arranged at our free initial consultation as well! )